For our foreign friends

Our customers have experienced a total system meltdown in the last days. We are still investigating the reasons for this collapse, but the main focus of the 1984 staff has been on restoring our customers solutions to a stable condition. The times have been challenging, but the incredible patience and understanding of our customers and friends have kept us alive, and now we see better days with a more acceptable service level for regular service requests.

Virtually all shared hosting sites are now operational, mail is restored, FTP accesses active again and the customer dashboard up and running again, to name a few examples of what has been accomplished.

We are now trying to salvage the data and restore the virtual servers (VPS) where possible. It will take some days still. We are also stabilizing the restored sites and making sure the individual pages are working as expected. A colossal work is finished, but we are striving to do better still and it is safe to say that do not rest until we reach acceptable stability and the good service our customers have experienced over the last decade.

We would like to thank everyone that has been involved in our crisis, but especially the magnificent people that decided to do business with us and trust us for their web-solutions. Their kindness and patience has been incredible and to be remembered by all of us here in 1984 for years to come. We will continue on our path and would be immeasurably grateful if our people will continue their journey with us.